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Cinematic Monologue

What do I get?

Cinematic, two-angle monologues to update your reel and send out to casting directors/agents.

Our Cinelogue monologue sessions are shot with two cameras, from two angles and cut together to create a cinematic and dynamic monologue.

All monologues are shot in 4K and the final edit will be with you within 24 hours after filming.

How long is the session?
All standard sessions are 60 mins long

What do I need?

A monologue (up to 90 seconds long) of your choice, as well as simple costume/styling for your character. (Don't go overboard with this! A nod towards the character is enough)

Be prepared! Know your monologue well and rehearse it, so that we can focus on getting the best performance on the day.

How do I book?

Get in touch below to book, or ask any questions you may have.

Thanks! Message sent.

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