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Will Austin


My name is Will. I'm a London-based actor and videographer/director, offering a unique and affordable
self-taping and showreel service to all those who need more material or to put themselves on tape for an agent
or casting director

Having worked as an actor on various movies and television shows, including BBC's Casualty, Doctor Who, The Coronor, Doctors, The Windsors, Babylon, 24:Live Another Day, Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation and more, I know what it's like to be in front of the lens.



Sending out audition tapes to potential agents and casting directors is common practice and is becoming
an increasingly important part of the audition process.

As I'm sure you're aware, there are other self-taping services out there, but unfortunately 
sometimes the high
prices charged don't necessarily result in a satisfactory product. I will always 
work with you until we get exactly
what you're happy with and make your self-tape look and sound beautiful.

I've been putting actors on tape now over the last 6 years and have a great deal of experience in
achieving the perfect self-tape.
The quality and standard of self-tapes is getting higher and higher, so you
need to make sure yours stands out from the crowd; filming on a smartphone or iPad is just fine, but sometimes it's worth putting in that extra effort for that perfect self-tape


Showreel scenes are another essential part of an actors portfolio! 
Being able to see what you can do as an actor is vital in today's casting process. But if you've not had

professional screen work, how can you show people what you're capable of?

That's where we step in. 

We endeavour to create the best-looking, most professional-sounding

showreel scenes in London - Just check out our work as evidence!

Our team work using industry standard video and audio
equipment to make sure you get that

perfect showreel

My Services




Professional-looking audition tapes edited using industry standard software and sent to you and your agent/casting director the same day. 


You can send me the script beforehand

This gives me the chance to go through the script that you'll be doing so that I can help get the best from you on the day.


Last minute appointments for same-day tapes

Often I will be available to film your tape on the same day - so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

A professional edit

I pride myself in making your tapes look and sound as good as possible, so a full colour grade and sound edit is applied to your self-tape to make it stand out from the crowd! 

Fast turn-around

Usually your tape will need to be sent before 6pm the same day. All self tapes are editied and delivered to you or your agent within 45 minutes after we complete the session.



Book a self-tape



High in quality

We aim to produce scenes that really showcase your acting skills as well as delivering a product that looks professional and cinematic. Our goal is to create scenes that look like they could have come from TV, film or short films


Fully edited showreel

We offer fully edited showreels from footage that we create together and/or from existing material that you may already have.


 Email availability

We respond quickly to all email enquiries and we're are onboard to sort locations, scene choices and/or additional actors for your scenes, should you need them. 



I pride myself in my editing skills and my ability to chose the best takes/angles to tell a story. Each shot should favour the narrative and the story that's unfolding. I'll always focus on acting first and make sure your performance is a priority. Having shot and edited hundreds of showreel scenes over the past 6 years, so rest assured that the edit you receive will always be with the goal of selling you and showing you at your very best. 


Fast turn-around

I aim to have any scene completed and sent to you within 7 - 14 days after filming.

If you require a faster edit, then I do offer a fast-track service that varies in price range depending on how quickly it needs to be done.


For more information on my headshots and rates, please click the link below: