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Terms & Conditions



  1. Copyright Ownership: exclusively owns the video copyright of all showreel scenes filmed from scratch.

  2. Showreel Usage: Scenes shot from scratch are to be used solely for showreel purposes. They must not be submitted to film festivals, used as alternate titles, or claimed as Spotlight credits or similar.

  3. Finalized Edit: Clients will receive a completed, edited version of their showreel scene. No rushes or unedited files will be provided under any circumstances.

  4. Non-Refundable Deposits: Showreel deposits are non-refundable. Payment is required to secure your filming date.

  5. Date Change Policy: Clients may change their filming date once, provided a minimum notice of 2 weeks is given. A second change will incur an administration fee of £100 to cover rescheduling costs.

  6. Deposit Coverage: The deposit covers pre-production work, including the loss of a filming day for

  7. Cancellation Policy: Cancellations made within 48 hours prior to the filming date will result in a loss of the deposit.

  8. Filming Timeframe: Filming must be completed within 6 months of paying the deposit.

  9. Congestion Zone Charges: Final invoices for scenes filmed within the Central London Congestion Zone will include applicable charges.

  10. Re-Editing Requests: Re-editing requests are subject to a fee of £50 per scene. Editing is not a collaborative process, and shot selection is based on various factors, prioritizing performance.

  11. Filming Personnel: Scenes will be filmed by Will or another member of the self-tape team.

  12. Deposit Refusal: We reserve the right not to refund a deposit.

  13. Shoot Postponement: We reserve the right to postpone a shoot or booking if necessary. Any canceled shoot will be rescheduled at the earliest convenience for the client.

  14. Full Payment: Full payment for showreel filming must be made 2 days (48 hours) before the shoot day.

  15. Delivery Timeframe: Finished showreel scenes aim to be delivered within 14 working days, but this may vary depending on our schedule.

  16. 24-Hour Turnaround Service: An optional fast 24-hour turnaround service is available for an additional fee of £100.

  17. Retention of Raw Files: Rushes and raw camera files will be kept for a maximum of 2 months after the delivery of the finished showreel scene.

Additional Costs:

  1. Parking Charges: For locations requiring parking costs exceeding £5, the client will be invoiced after the shoot day.

  2. Travel Outside London: Travel outside of London will incur an additional charge starting at £50.

  3. Location Rental Fees: Certain locations may require a rental fee, such as cafes, bars, pubs, and offices. While we strive to secure free or low-cost locations, additional fees may apply in some cases.



  1. Payment Method: Self tapes are to be paid for at the session using a card-reader. Apple Pay and Google Pay are also accepted. Receipts will be sent via email after the session.

  2. Additional Time: If the session exceeds the allocated time by 10 minutes, an additional 30-minute fee will be added and must be paid at the end of the session. Please note that there is a 10-minute grace period.

  3. Editing and Delivery: All self tapes will be edited and delivered on the same day.  A 45-minute fast turnaround option is also available for an additional £10


  1. Copyright Ownership: retains the exclusive copyright rights to all content created by us.

  2. Promotional Use: By engaging our services, you agree that any content created may be used for promotional purposes, including but not limited to website video promotions and social media platforms.

  3. Client's Rights: You, as the client, are permitted to upload and share the content created by as you see fit.

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