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Introducing EXPRESS SCENES – Redefining Your Showreel Game


Elevate your acting portfolio with 60-second scenes crafted just for you at unbeatable prices!


1 scene: £229

2 scenes: £349

3 scenes: £479



Lights, Camera, Savings!

Cost-effective packages to showcase your talent without breaking the bank.

Shot on RED
Just like our Showreel Scenes, Express Scenes are also shot on the amazing RED Komodo; an industry-standard cinema-grade camera!

Filmed on a 6K sensor!

Capturing amazing detail and a cinematic look on the Komodo's 6K sensor


Your Vision, Your Cast

Bring your A-game with scene partners of your choice. Your reel, your way!


Choose Your Locations

Film at your own locations. If you're shooting more than one scene, just make sure they’re within a 5-minute stroll from each other for a shooting experience that flows effortlessly.

Express Yourself in 60 Seconds

Your script, your story! Keep it punchy – scenes must not exceed 60 seconds. Remember: quick and impactful!


Slick Shoots

No waiting around here! Scenes take an average of 2 hours to shoot. Plenty of time rehearsal and multiple takes*
*based on 3/4 angles per scene

Lightning Speed Production

All scenes are filmed, edited, and delivered within 72 hours! Your showreel, pronto!


Why Settle for Less?

Seize the spotlight with EXPRESS SCENES – where quality meets affordability! Act fast, shoot faster – your showreel awaits!


Book your EXPRESS package now!

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