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Below are few ideas that you can use for the tripod requirements of self-taping. Starting with the most basic and inexpensive, to something a little more advanced. 

PEMOTech Phone Tripod - £18.99


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A great little tripod if you're using a phone. It's not the sturdiest or most well-built, but it offers a solution if you need an inexpensive tripod to do the job. It even comes with a phone clip to quickly and easily attach any smartphone.


  • Easy to set up

  • Super lightweight

  • Comes with phone clip

  • Very portable

  • Level meter

  • Bluetooth remote that connects to phone


  • Lacks stability due to lightweight design

  • Could break easily if not looked after

  • Doesn't go as tall as might be required (best for tapes sitting down)

  • Not suitable for DSLR's or other, heavier cameras.

Manfrotto Compact Advanced Aluminium Tripod - £49.99


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A great upgrade from the tripod above. Made by reputable brand 'Manfrotto' this tripod is sturdy and portable and offers a wide range of height options that should make it suitable for even the tallest of actors. This would be my go-to choice of tripod for someone looking to invest in something decent and long-lasting. This tripod is most suitable for DSLR cameras and cameras with a heavier payload.


  • Easy to set up

  • Lightweight yet sturdy

  • Good for DSLR's or heavier cameras

  • More options for angle and framing adjustments

  • Reaches tall enough for standing self-tapes


  • Less portable

  • More expensive

JOBY Gorilla Pod - £24.99

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The JOBY Gorilla Pod is a super option for on-the-go-self tapes. Great for a phone or DSLR, the Gorilla pod can be wrapped around almost anything to create a sturdy place to mount your phone or DSLR camera. Just remember you might need to buy a phone-clip adaptor to screw onto this if using a smartphone.


  • Easy to set up

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Good for DSLR's and phones

  • Offers creativity for where it can be mounted


  • Might not offer enough options if you can't find somewhere to clip it to

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