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Acting Showreels


Locations are an important aspect of any showreel scene, but they are not the be all and end all. 

A good location is more than just about 'looking cool' - they need to be able to provide an environment where you are able to do your best work! 

It's all very well wanting to shoot on beautiful balcony in Putney set at night overlooking London, but deafening flight paths and other external noises might mean that the shoot is compromised and constantly interrupted. 

Over the years, we've collated a collection of external FREE locations that offer excellent sound, lighting and potential cover from wind and rain that can all be used for lots of different scenarios. Remember, it's about your acting, not where you happen to be standing!


Choose a free external location from the photos below

These locations are set in North London and have been sound assessed for noise, such as traffic, flight paths etc. 

However, since this is an external location in London, always expect there to be various levels of foot-fall and extraneous noises that we may have to wait for. 

Rent one of these beautiful interior locations seen below

For an additional £100 for 2 scenes, we can film at the interior locations pictured below - Ideal for any

domestic scenes set in a living-room, bedroom or kitchen.

*A minimum of two scenes must be filmed

These locations are in Hither Green and just a 5 min walk from the station. 

Provide your own location

Many actors choose to provide their own location.

This can be to save money, or because the desired location is something very specific - such as a pub or golf course, for example. In this instance, we ask that you source your own location and tell us where you'll want us to film

When choosing your own locations, please remember to consider the sound/noise levels (doing a scene next to a main road, for example, will be difficult for clean audio)

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