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Acting Showreels


We offer Standard and Premium Scenes
See below for more details


Punchy, short, high-quality scenes - actors are responsible for self-sourcing their own scene partners, scripts, and locations. We encourage you to explore your network and collaborate with fellow actors

1 ScenE

- £275 -

(additional scenes £200)

What you get

  • Up to 2 hours of time per scene

  • 1 page scenes or 60 seconds in running length

  • Filmed on the RED Komodo Cinema Camera 6K

  • Essential coverage only (wide, mid, close)

  • Post-production with editing, colour grading, and sound mixing of your scene

  • Initial and ongoing email correspondence in the lead-up to your shoot

  • The final edit of your scene, delivered in excellent 2K resolution

Showreel Filming


(Increased shoot time for longer scenes, shot on Netflix approve RED Komodo 6K Camera, performance direction, final edit delivered in 4K )

Premium  Scenes provide an original script written specifically for you, scene partner casting and location sourcing. 

- We shoot up to 1 scene per day - 


- £395
(additional scenes priced at £345 per scene)

(Includes everything from the STANDARD Scenes - but with all the extras detailed in RED) 

What you get

Actors Showreel
Showreel Company

  • Up to 4 hours of filming time per scene

  • An initial phone call to discuss ideas/the process and ongoing email support in the lead-up to your shoot.

  • Essential and advanced coverage for a wider variety of takes/shots

  • Filmed on RED - an industry-standard Netflix-approved cinema camera in 6K

  • One original script - written for your branding - up to 1.5 pages max

  • Location sourcing - based on requirements for your scene

  • Scene partner casting - if required

  • The organisation of your shoot including a breakdown and call sheet

  • Editing / colour grading / sound mixing of your scene

  • A draft edit of your scene sent out for any notes/changes

  • Licensed music included - carefully chosen to enhance your scene’s impact

  • Dedicated rehearsal on set/location

  • Performance direction

  • The final edit of your scene delivered in stunning 4K and 2K

  • Scene(s) edited into your existing showreel, or as a whole new showreel with headshot/details

Actors Showreel
Acting Showreel
Screenshot 2022-10-02 at 16.08.42.png
London Showreel Company


(For our Standard Scenes, you may wish to include additional extras as you see fit - we're happy to help you build your showreel filming to fit your requirements)

  • Script writing service: £50 per script (work with a professional writer for a custom scene)

  • Showreel scene partner casting: £50 per scene

  • Location sourcing: £50 per scene

  • Fast-track edit (£24 hours): £50 for 1 scene / £100 for 2 scenes / £150 for 3 scenes

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