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Acting Showreels


Where are you based/where do you film self-tapes?
Southgate, North London - less that a 5 min walk from Southgate tube station.

Do you have parking?

Yes, I have a space for parking if needed. 

What's the best way to book?

You can either enquire through the website under the 'Self-Tapes' tab at the top or email me at

You can also call me on 07971049173 to arrange a session.

What happens after I've booked a session?

After we've discussed your needs - time / day / session length - I'll send over a booking confirmation over email which will have all the details about the session and what to expect, along with a map of the location and and info sheet with everything you need to know. 

How long does a self tape session last?

This is totally up to you! Most self tape sessions last for around 1 hour, so the initial booking is always for a slot of up to one hour. If you feel like you might need more time, just let me know at the time of booking. 

What if I have a last-minute self tape?

My studio is always set up and ready to go, so if you do have a last-minute self tape, I'll always try to help. However, sometimes I am just not available due to other commitments or showreel filming. 


What times of the day do you provide self tape services?

I will always to my best to accommodate you and your self tape deadline. I can get very booked up during the day, but I also offer evening sessions 'out of hours' for an additional £15 per session. 


What happens when I arrive? 

I always try to cater the sessions around you and how you like to work. Usually, after we've met, we'll talk about the scene(s) that you need to do and work out if there are any tricky sections such as movement, scene transitions, prop work etc. We'll then run through the scene(s) and do a line run before we start filming. 

How many takes can I do?

You can do as many takes as you need at your session. However, I always advise that you arrive as prepared as possible, so that we're not doing countless takes. That way we can focus on quality over quantity.

Can I watch the takes back?

Of course! Some actors love watching their takes back and feel that it improves their performance for the next take, others absolutely hate it. It's totally up to you. Please do keep in mind that any reviewing of takes will use up session time. 

Do you offer direction?

Certainly! I'm more than happy to provide suggestions and ideas to ensure you make the most out of your self-tape session. Drawing from my own experience as an actor, I enjoy delving into the text and uncovering any hidden nuances or subtleties that may enhance your performance. Together, we can explore different approaches and bring out the best in your performance.

Do you have an auto-cue?

No, unfortunately not. 

Do you provide props? 

Any props you might want to use in your self tape must be provided by you.

Do you provide a reader?

I will be your reader! As an actor myself, I am confident reading in with actors and having done so for the past 8 years, I feel well-equipped to provide you with a good read off-camera. 

Can I bring my own reader?

Yes, of course. This is totally fine. 

How long until I receive my tape? 

After our session, your finished tape(s) will be sent over to you within 45 mins. 

How do you send my tape(s)? 

Usually over WeTransfer, either to you or your agent, unless otherwise specified. 

What format are the tapes in? 

Tapes are usually sent in the .mov or .mp4 format. 

Do you colour grade? 

All tapes are colour corrected and graded for skin tone and lighting. 

How do you record audio?

All audio is captured with a separate mic, the Sennheiser 416, and is synced with the video footage.

How do I pay?

All payments are taken via card reader at the session. This also works with Apple and Google Pay. A digital receipt is emailed to you afterwards. 

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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