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Acting Showreels

Scene Packages

We have two options:
Premium and Standard

Please see our scene options below:

Standard Scene Package [£295 per scene] includes:

(Additional Scenes £200 per scene)

  • Filming in HD on our industry standard Digital Cinema Cameras using natural light

  • External handheld or tripod shoot - filmed at our North London [N14] locations only

  • Up to 1.5-hour shoot time / up to 1 page of script (must be under 60 seconds long)

  • Up to 4 total angles/basic scene coverage - i.e. establishing shot, mid-shot and close-up [client] / mid-shot [partner]

  • Acting direction

  • Editing/Colour grading/sound mixing of your scene[s]
    - no re-edit requests

For this package, you must provide your own actors and scripts and all scenes must be suitable to shoot outside at one of our provided locations. 


This package is suited to the actor who knows exactly what they want and are ready to shoot a scene no longer than 60 seconds in length.


We can shoot up to 2 Basic Scenes per day.

Additional scenes for £200 must be filmed on the same day. 



Premium Scene Package [£425 per scene] includes:

(All blue items below are exclusive to our Premium option)


  • Filming on our industry standard Digital Cinema Cameras

  • Filmed in 4K

  • Up to 4-hour shoot time

  • Work with a writer to develop your custom scene

  • Original script - written for your casting type/branding - up to 1.5 pages

  • Location scouting - based on requirements for your scene

  • Scene partner casting - we source suitable scene partners, if needed

  • Editing / Colour grading / sound mixing of your scene[s]

  • 1 x edit review (one review of your edit and the option to ask for up to two adjustments per scene if necessary/applicable)

  • Licensed Music included [if/when the scene requires it]

  • Call Sheets - your shoot and schedule organised for you

  • Acting Direction

  • Adding your filmed scenes[s] into a showreel - ready for Spotlight/Mandy upload


This package is for the actor who wants assistance in nailing their brand and USP. With this package you can solely focus on the acting, and we will arrange everything else our end, so you can show up to the shoot and do your thing! The 4 hour shoot time per scene means you get lots of time to add detail and have multiple takes.


We only shoot one Premium Scene per day.

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