Sarah Day
Showreel Co-ordinator

Sarah Day manages all bookings for showreels here at and works closely with you on sourcing locations, actors and scenes. 

Sarah also writes our bespoke scenes - so get in touch if you need a scene specifically catered to you!

Will Austin



I'll be your videographer and director on the day of the shoot!
I've shot hundreds of showreel
scenes over the last 5 years
so I know exactly what is
needed to make the most 
dynamic, engaging and 
memorable showreel scenes.

We'll be working closely on the 
day at all times to make sure
that we get the very best work! 


Declan Sammon

 Boom Operator

My name is Declan Sammon and I'm an actor based in London. I've a huge passion for accents and music and have always possessed a very keen and sensitive ear.

I'm also very aware that having top-quality sound recording in your showreel scenes or self-tapes can make the difference between booking the job and just being another 'next!' As your Boom Operator I guarantee that you'll end up with crystal clear sound in all conditions which will really showcase the subtleties and nuances of your unique voice. ​