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Getting the right lighting for your tapes is essential. If we can't see you properly then it's going to be distracting - the casting director needs to be able to see you at your best.

Lots of people get by with natural light from a window - but the trouble with this is that it means you can only tape during daylight hours. Not only that, but daylight changes all the time, especially on cloudy days; one minute the sun can be shining, and next the clouds have arrived and completely change the look of your tapes making the exposure levels you've set are now inappropriate.  

Below are a few different options that you can use to improve yourself tape set up. 

Soft Boxes - £62.99

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Cheap and cheerful, and provide everything you need to get going right away. This soft box set from Neewer provides, stands, bulbs, soft boxes and a carry case, all for around £60. It's a bargain and provides a lovely 'daylight' lighting effect which is diffused via the soft boxes to give a very flattering effect.


  • Very easy to set up out of the box

  • Comes with all needed accessories

  • Provides a natural 'daylight' feel

  • No additional lighting required


  • Not particularly sturdy

  • Takes up a lot of room

  • Soft boxes and bulbs are very delicate - replacements often necessary

Viltrox LED Mini Panel - £34.99

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These Viltrox LED panels are a great, portable alternative to the larger soft boxes - especially if you don't have much room. They are flat and small and can even be put on top of a camera or lighting stand. 

These are battery powered (batteries and charger come provided) and last a long time. Setting up a couple of these on some light stands could be a great alternative to the soft-boxes above.


  • Flat and portable

  • Colour temperature is adjustable 5600K to 3200K

  • Long lasting and sturdy

  • Dimmable brightness

  • Diffused effect for flattering skin-tone


  • Small. Might need a two or three to provide the same effect as the soft boxes.

  • Need to purchase light-stands seperately 

NanLite  MixPad 106 - £299

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NanLite LED Panels are large and powerful and provide an amazing lighting source that can fill a room - you get what you pay for! 

With various colour temperature and brightness intensity levels, you really do get a vast array of options when it comes to setting up your lighting requirements.


  • Large and powerful

  • Robust

  • Colour temperature is adjustable 5600K to 3200K

  • Dimmable brightness

  • Long lasting and sturdy

  • At the touch of a button, you can switch between strong, hard lighting or gentle, diffused lighting with no need for additional accessories.

  • Battery and mains powered


  • Expensive option

  • Less portable than smaller options

Additional Extras

Lighting Stands - £20.99

Lighting stands from Neewer for soft boxes and LED panels


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Batteries & Charger

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