Acting Showreels


Where are you based/where do you film showreel scenes?
We're based in London and shoot most of our scenes within the London area. 

*If you have your own location ideas and this happens to be outside of tube travel (Zones 1 - 5) in London, or a specific location requires a taxi at any point in order to get our equipment to you, then we will ask for that portion of the travel to be covered. 

Basic Showreel Scenes are only shot in the North London [N14] area

Who is my point-of-contact for showreel enquiries?

Please use the 'contact form' under the showreels tab to enquire about our showreel services


Our showreel co-ordinator, Sarah, will then be in touch to arrange a phone call so that we can go over what you need, explain our process in more details and what options are available. There is never any pressure to book anything on this call, but it's a great way to work out if what we can offer suits you and if you feel as though we're a good match. 

How long does showreel filming take?

This depends on how many scenes you chose to film in one day.


We allow up to 1.5 hours shooting time per scene for our Basic Scenes, which includes rehearsal and blocking.

We allow up to 4 hours shooting time per scene for our Premium Scenes, which includes rehearsal and blocking.


What time do we start filming?

Filming usually begins at 10:00AM.


How many scenes can be shot in one day?

We shoot up to 1 scenes per day for the Premium Scenes and 3 scenes per day for Basic Scenes


Can I shoot 2 scenes in one day, and another scene another day? 



Do you write the scenes for me?

Yes, this is a service that we provide and is included in our Premium Scenes.


Custom-written showreel scenes are included within our prices and you will work closely with our writer during the whole process to ensure you get the scene you're after - even if you just need someone to look over your own script. It's always good to get a second pair of eyes over it and perhaps some script editing!

Once the scene concept is agreed, the scene with be written for you. Should you wish for any edits, or changes to the overall storyline or concept after this agreement, it will be treated as a new script and priced accordingly. 

Can I provide my own scene(s)?

Yes of course.


For our Basic Scenes, we allow up to 1 page of script (around 60 seconds).


For our Premium Scenes, we allow up to 2 pages (around 1.5 to 2 mins) .


When you provide your own scenes, we will look at the them and make sure that they are the right length, depending on the selected package. 

Do you find locations for me?

We can help source any locations that you need for your scene. You may need something simple, and often we can source locations for free. More extravagant or specific locations may have a hire fee - we will research options before offering you quotes on location costs.

Do you film period scenes?

Yes we do - You'll see a few of our recent period drama scenes under the 'Showreels' section on this site. 


Period Drama scenes are only available in the Premium Scene option

Do you provide costumes?

No, we don't provide costumes. You will be required to provide your clothing/costumes that are appropriate to the scene. We can recommend places for costume hire. 

Do you provide props? 

No. All props are you be provided by the actors in the scene. 

How many actors can I have in one scene?

You can have a maximum of 2 actors per scene. If you want to provide your own background artists for added production value, you are welcome to. 

Do you provide a make-up artist?

No. If you need a make-up artist to be with you on the day of the shoot, this will need to be something that you provide yourself - however, we can provide recommendations. 

Are you able to provide other actors for me? 

Yes we can!

We are also happy for you to bring your own actors to work with. The right choice of actor is essential, so we advise you to bring someone onboard who is exactly what you need for you scene. It is also easier to rehearse before your shoot date with an actor that you are providing. It's also easier to split any costs with an actor who wants to do a scene with you. 

If you do need a scene partner for your scene, we can assist you with this as part of the plan.  

What equipment do you use? 

Click here to learn more about the equipment we use

How long after filming does it take to edit the scenes? 

After filming, there is a usually a 14 working day turn-around on the final edited scene(s).

Can I request changes to my edit? 

Basic Scenes - No. There are no re-edits once you have received your finished scene. The edit you will receive is not part of a continuous back and forth discussion.

Premium Scenes - Yes.  We offer one review of your edit and up to two requested adjustments before the final edit is completed


We pride urselves in our editing skills and ability to choose the best takes/angles to tell a story. Each shot should favour the narrative and performance. I'll always focus on acting first and make sure your performance is an absolute priority. Having shot and edited hundreds of showreel scenes over the past 7 years, I ask that you trust the process and know that everything - acting, continuity, lighting, audio, colour grading - has all been considered in the process of your edit. We will create the best edit from the rushes we have from the day. 

Can I be involved in the editing process?

No. Once your scene is shot, you will receive the final edit of your scene within 14 days. 

Do you edit my scene(s) into a full showreel.

No. Unfortunately this is no longer a service that we offer. We shoot original, bespoke scenes from scratch for showreels.

Are you able to provide the RUSHES (original footage) that we shoot? 

No. We don't provide rushes or any RAW material. 

How do you send over the scenes and what format are they in? 

Your scene/s are sent over to you via WeTransfer so that you can then upload to casting websites such a Spotlight and Mandy etc. If you require a lower-res smaller file sized version, then this can also be provided. They are sent in .mov format

Do you require a deposit?

Yes - We take a £100 deposit to secure your booking and your date. This deposit gets taken off your total amount on the final invoice. 

Can I change my filming date? 

Yes, you are able to change your date once. See the next question below for details. 

What is the cancellation policy?

The deposit is non re-fundable.

If you wish to change your date after you've booked you are able to do so once - please give us up to two week's notice to do so. 

If you change your filming date more than once an admin fee of £50 will apply to cover costs of a lost day of filming, since it is very hard to book in another client within the 2-week time period. 


Filming must be completed within 6 months of paying the deposit.

- we recommend letting your agent know about your filming day and booking it off so that you don't have a last-minute audition on the same day, or aim to book on a weekend - 

How do I pay for my showreel?

Online bank transfer. We will send you two invoices. One will be the deposit when you book. The 2nd invoice for the remaining amount will be issued after your booking and must be paid within 48 hours of the shoot date This second invoice will be for the remaining balance and will need to be paid 48 hours before the day of the shoot.


How long do my scenes get kept on file for?

All finished scenes (completed edits) get kept on record. We do not keep rushes/RAW files after final delivery.

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please don't hesitate to get in touch!