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Why RED & Blackmagic?

We believe that the best possible image quality is essential to standing out. 

So many cameras these days produce incredible images - but we wanted to go one step further and deliver unrivalled image quality, paired with our years of experience in shooting actor's reels, proof-of-concepts and short films. 

We need a camera that won't let us down, offers incredible versatility with size and weight and is able to stand up to the constantly changing conditions when shooting on different locations. 

We now offer high-end, cinema quality visuals at a great price - certainly less than if you were to rent all of the kit for a day and try to do it yourself! 

actor showreel
cinematic showreel
Showreel Scene

We want your scenes to really stand out amongst the rest.

RED & Blackmagic offer an image that is instantly cinematic and provides a certain look that is difficult to achieve with other cameras.

Our Premium scenes are aimed at actors who perhaps already have some screen experience and now need additional material whilst also wanting their new footage to match the quality of the professional work they've done previously.

Sometimes reels can be let down by poorly shot footage amongst higher quality work. Our goal is to make sure that your new material fits right in and doesn't look out of place in your reel.

We would like to remind actors that the shoots are quite intense (sometimes up to 3-4 hours long) and come with a level of expected screen experience. 

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Self Tape Audition
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Self Tape
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