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You might not always be able to find that 'perfect blank wall', so here are a couple of options for backdrops if you need something neutral 

Fovitec pop-up backdrop - £49.95


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And excellent pop-up option for your backdrop needs. The great thing about this is that it can be easily stored away and brought out as and when you need it. It's also got two sides, grey and blue, so depending on what you need (or even if you just fancy a change), you've got a couple of options.


  • Very easy to set up and put away again

  • Double side with colour options

  • Portable

  • Can be propped up against a wall


  • Can sometimes come with creases, so may need ironing

  • Takes practise to fold back up again for storage

  • Might need to be attached to stands if doing a standing self tape

Paper roll backdrop & Stand - £60 (approx)


A semi-permanent option for self taping. This takes more time to set up, but gives you a cleaner backdrop and added height options for scenes that require standing.



  • A more professional look

  • Can use any colour roll you chose to buy

  • Can be left set up, ready to go in a spare room


  • Takes up a lot of room

  • More fiddly and time consuming to assemble and dissemble

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