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Acting Showreels


All scenes are shot on the same Blackmagic camera as our 'Premium showreel scenes', but are shot more simply, focusing only on what's needed!

The Standard Package is for actors who need a full, new reel, showcasing versatility and variety around their casting type with scenes under 60 seconds in length while offering a budget solution.

These scenes are shorter in length and capped at 60 seconds - they must not run longer than this.

These scenes require minimal movement so do keep this in mind if you're after a scene with a lot of movement, fighting or action. 

Scenes are edited and completed within 14 days


Where are you based/where do you film showreel scenes?
All external scenes must be shot in North London, near and around our base: we can suggest locations for filming in these areas. 

If you need an internal location, you must source this yourself

Who is my point-of-contact for showreel enquiries?

You can email us though the 'bookings' page on the website or contact me directly on 07971049173 or to enquire about our showreel services.

How long does showreel filming take?

We allow up to 1.5 hours per scene on average, so depending on how many scenes you want to shoot, use 1.5 hours per scene as a guide. 

What time do we start filming?

Filming usually begins at 10:00AM.


Do you write the scenes for me?

Our Standard Package requires that you source your own scripts. If you would like a custom 60-second scene, we can provide a writer for £40 per scene.

Do you find locations for me?

Our Standard Package requires that you source your own locations. We can suggest locations for external North-London locations. If you need an internal locations, you must provide this yourself

Are you able to provide other actors for me? 

Our Standard Package requires that you provide your own actors.

Do you film period scenes?

Our Standard Package is for modern-day, contemporary scenes only. 

Do you provide costumes?

No, we don't provide costumes. You will be required to provide your clothing/costumes 

Do you provide props? 

No. All props are you be provided by the actors in the scene. 

How many actors can I have in one scene?

You can have a maximum of two actors per scene. 

Do you have a make-up artist?

No. If you need a make-up artist to be with you on the day of the shoot, this will need to be something that you provide yourself

How long after filming does it take to edit the scenes? 

Up to 14 working days

How do you send over the scenes and what format are they in? 

I send your HD scene(s) over to you via WeTransfer. They are sent in .mov format

How many edits will you do? 

I will do one edit full edit of the scene before sending over to you. 

Editing is not a back any forth collaboration between the editor (Will Austin) and the client.  Shots are chosen for many reasons, although performance will alway be the first priority. 

Audio - Lighting - Continuity - Performance are all taken into consideration when putting an edit together.

Any re-editing is charged at £50 per-hour if the client wishes to ask for any changes made to the final edit.

Can I be involved in the editing process?

Unfortunately not.

Do you edit my scene(s) into a full showreel.

Yes - all 3 scenes will be put into a full final showreel.

Are you able to provide the RUSHES (original footage) that we shoot? 

Unfortunately, no. I don't provide any of the rushes.

Do you require a deposit?

We take a 50% deposit at the time of booking to secure your date.

Can I change my filming date? 

No, please make sure you don't book anything else in on your filming day. 

If the weather looks as thought it's going to be bad for filming - we will reschedule for another date.

What is the cancellation policy?

At the time of booking we take 50% deposit to secure your slot. This deposit is non re-fundable.

If you wish to change your date after you've booked you are able to do so once - please give us up to two week's notice to do so. 

If you change your filming date more than once an admin fee of £50 will apply to cover costs of a lost day of filming, since it is very hard to book in another client within the 2-week time period. 

How do I pay for my showreel?

Online bank transfer. Once your filming day is organised, an invoice will be issued for the remainder of the balance to pay. Payment must be made 72 hours before the filming day


How long do my scenes get kept on file for?

All finished scenes (completed edits) get kept on record. However we can only guarantee the rushes for up to two weeks after delivery of final edits.

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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