Please see below for answers to our frequently asked showreel questions

Where are you based/where do you film showreel scenes?
We're based in London and shoot most of our scenes within the London area. Sometimes we film outside of London, but this is something that we can talk about if you chose to work with us. 

*If you have your own location ideas and this happens to be outside of tube travel (Zones 1 - 5) in London, or a specific location requires a taxi at any point in order to get our equipment to you, then we will ask for that portion of the travel to be covered. 

Who is my point-of-contact for showreel enquiries?

You can email us though the 'bookings' page on the drop-down menu, or you can contact me at to enquire about our showreel services.

Once we've had a chat, I'll put you in touch with our showreel-coordinator, Sarah. 

Sarah manages all of our showreel bookings and enquiries, including taking bookings and securing a date, sourcing locations, finding appropriate scene partners and also offers a bespoke script writing service if you require an original scene written specifically for you. You'll work closely with Sarah during your preparation for filming. 

How long does showreel filming take?

This depends on how many scenes you chose to film in one day. We allow up to 3 hours shooting time per scene, which includes rehearsal and blocking. So if you're shooting 2 scenes in one day, expect the day to last between 6-7 hours including travel time between locations.


What time do we start filming?

Filming usually begins at 10:00AM for a 1-scene or 2-scene day. 


How many scenes can be shot in one day?

We shoot up to 2 scenes per day.

Can I shoot 2 scenes in one day, and another scene another day? 

Yes you can.


Do you write the scenes for me?

Scene writing is included in all Full Package options. 

Can I provide my own scene(s)?

Yes of course. When you provide your own scenes, we will look at the them and make sure that they are no more than 2 pages long.  

Do you find locations for me?

Yes, we sort the locations for you. The locations that we use will suit the scenes that you are filming. Each location is carefully considered and will meet the scene requirements. 

Do you film period scenes?

Yes we do - You'll see a few of our recent period drama scenes under the 'Showreels' section on this site. 

Do you provide costumes?

No, we don't provide costumes. You will be required to provide your clothing/costumes that are appropriate to the scene. We can recommend places for costume hire. 

Do you provide props? 

No. All props are you be provided by the actors in the scene. 

How many actors can I have in one scene?

You can have a maximum of three actors per scene. But bear in mind that the scene will still need to be 2 pages long in script format, so having 3 actors in one scene could dilute how much screen-time you have. 

Do you have a make-up artist?

No. If you need a make-up artist to be with you on the day of the shoot, this will need to be something that you provide yourself - however, we can provide recommendations. 

Are you able to provide other actors for me? 

Yes, we are able to source other actors for you need. We make sure that the actors we cast are appropriate for the scene and have screen experience. You can also ask around yourself, or get other actor friends to be in the scenes with you. You can even split the cost! 

How long after filming does it take to edit the scenes? 

After filming, there is a usually a 1-2 week turn-around on the final edited scene(s).

How do you send over the scenes and what format are they in? 

I send your 4K scene(s) over to you via WeTransfer so that you can then upload to casting websites such a Spotlight and Mandy etc. If you require a lower-res smaller file sized version, then I can also supply this to you. They are sent in .mp4 or .mov format

How many edits will you do? 

Editing is not a back any forth collaboration between the editor (Will Austin) and the client.  Shots are chosen for many reasons, although performance will alway be the first priority. 

Audio - Lighting - Continuity - Performance are all taken into consideration when putting an edit together.

Any re-editing is charged at £40 per-hour if the client wishes to ask for any changes made to the final edit.

Can I be involved in the editing process?

Unfortunately not. Once your scene is shot, you will receive the first edit of your scene within 7-14 days. Due to the busy nature of shooting reels, editing has to happen in-between filming days and is usually sporadic and time-dependant. Having a sit-down editing session isn't particularly conducive to the way that I work; I will often switch from project to project or take a few hours away from editing to come back to an edit later in the day with 'fresh eyes'. 

Do you edit my scene(s) into a full showreel.

Yes, all Full Package options include a full showreel edit. 

Are you able to provide the RUSHES (original footage) that we shoot? 

Unfortunately, no. I don't provide any RAW footage for a number of reasons. Firstly shooting in 4K the files sizes would be too large for any online transfer (between 120-150GB). Secondly, I only release work that represents my quality. The RAW files would not be colour-corrected and they would only have 'on camera' audio, which is unusable. For this reason anything from rushes would not represent my work in a high quality and therefore I don't provide an option to offer this material. 

Do you require a deposit?

Yes - We take a £100 deposit to secure your booking and your date. This deposit gets taken off your total amount on the 2nd and final invoice. 

Can I change my filming date? 

Yes, you are able to change your date once. See the next question below for details. 

What is the cancellation policy?

At the time of booking we take £100 deposit to secure your slot. This deposit is non re-fundable.

If you wish to change your date after you've booked you are able to do so once - please give us up to two week's notice to do so. 

If you change your filming date inside of the 2-week period, an admin fee of £50 will apply to cover costs of rescheduling actors, locations, equipment rental, the loss of a filming day for our team.


This deposit covers the work that goes into the pre-production elements, including but not limited to - taking bookings in the calendar, continued email/phone support and correspondence, sourcing scene-partners for scenes and scouting and booking locations.


Once any of the work above has begun this deposit is non-refundable


Cancelling your booking within the 48 hours prior to your filming date will result in a loss of your deposit.


Filming must be completed within 6 months of paying the deposit. 

How do I pay for my showreel?

Online bank transfer. We will send you two invoices. One will be the £100 deposit when you book. The second will be sent to you once we have confirmed your scenes, locations and actors. This second invoice will be for the remaining balance and will need to be paid before the day of the shoot.


How long do my scenes get kept on file for?

We try to ensure that all finished scenes (completed edits) get kept on record - however, we cannot guarantee this. We also only keep the rushes for up to two months after the day of filming.

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please don't hesitate to get in touch!