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How we work

A showreel is one of the most important tools for an actor to showcase their talents.

Whether to help secure a new agent or to get you in the room for castings and auditions,

an up-to-date showreel can show off your acting skills in a quick, punchy and effective way to

catch the eye of those who matter! 

First things first... 

So you've decided that you need to add some scenes to your showreel? Through emails and/or phone calls, we can discuss your requirements: How many scenes do you want? When would you like to have your scenes filmed/completed? Do you already have location ideas? Have you chosen your scenes already, or would you like them written for you?


Once we have sorted out how many scenes you'd like, we'll usually ask if you have any other actors that are going to be in your scene with you. If not, DON'T WORRY, we can help will sort all of this out for you! We'll help you get some great actors on-board for your scenes.


you should keep your scenes relatively short. Casting directors are more interested in short, quality material instead of scenes that drag on.

Ideally, we want to be able to film a quality scene of about 1 minute to 2 minutes max, rather than using our time filming content that won't make your final showreel. Quality over quantity, always! 

If you need a script written for you our, our writers can help you with a bespoke, original scene to showcase your casting-type.



Flats, houses and parks all work well as locations for filming scenes. We have access to a huge range of public access spaces that work extremely well. We also provide a location sourcing service at an extra cost and you are also welcome to provide and source your own locations too. 

We've filmed scenes in pubs, supermarkets, drama schools, graveyards and streets and sometimes filming in these types of location requires permission.


This is all part of the location planning process and we work hard to get the right location for your scene(s).

Original and different locations always look good on your showreel and add production value, so together we can have a good think about what locations will work best for you!

Scene Partners...

 A lot of actors have success working with another actor friend! I mean, what actor doesn't know another actor!? Teaming up can also help with the price, since you can share the cost between you. 

We also provide an additional actor sourcing service if you require an actor for your scene. 


So, after all that...

We've worked out how many scenes you're doing, who's acting with you and the location. Now it's time for the fun bit - filming.  


On the day, we will block and rehearse the script and establish the best way to film the scene.


This is always a very creative process and it's always good fun working out the best shots, to both tell the story creatively and showcase your acting talent. We'll make sure to spend good time working the scene, ironing out any tricky elements and rehearsing through before any filming takes place. With a variety of angels and takes, we'll have plenty of opportunity to explore and try different things! 

Now for the edit...

 I get all finished edits to you within 7 -10 days (sometimes sooner). You'll receive a 4K digital copy, with a complete sound edit and professional colour-grading service.


After that,  it's yours to do with what you will: social media, Spotlight, Casting Call Pro etc. I can also provide lower-resolution versions if there are upload restrictions on any video-uploading sites.